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Make sure to read theses rules before typing something bellow ! Any rules breakers will be punish !

1. Do NOT spam.

2. Swearing is NOT allowed ! All usage of it will result in a punishment !

3. Do NOT be racist, sexist or disrespectful towards anyone on the server (this include homophobic subject).

4. Do NOT Mention any sensitive topics like Suicide, Nazism, Holocaust, 9/11, Suicide, Suicide jokes like, ‘’Go kill yourself’’ or ‘’Go commit, No heart pump’’, the usage of drugs, drugs in general, politics etc.

5. Do NOT cause unnecessary drama.

6. Do NOT ask for roles unless warranted.

7. Please chat in the correct topis. Some topis have specific rules so be sure to check them !

8. Creating another account (alt) to bypass a punishement will result in a IP-BAN !

9. Mini-modding is NOT allowed. (Threatening with punishments and/or warning people when staff are available to do so).

10. Do NOT post any NSFW posts, names, or have those types of profile pictures.

11. Avoid mass pinging.

12. Keep discussions in English unless something say otherwise.

13. Do NOT reveal others personal information nor harass them for it.

14. Do NOT Advertise without our permission. This includes self promotion/advertising of social media, applications, servers, etc.

15. E-Dating is NOT allowed on our server network, this is the same on our Discord Server and our Minecraft Server.
We recommend that you keep it outside of the server and do not mention it anywhere near this server.

End of rules !
(No seriously? YES)